May 18, 2017

Oklahoma Food Photographer | House Tea

The Peach Tree Tea Room’s House Tea

Oklahoma Food Photographer – Lauren Grigg

This past December I made a trip to Fredricksburg, Texas with my husband’s family for a mini vacation.  While the boys went deer hunting, us girls enjoyed shopping downtown Fredericksburg and scoping out yummy places to eat.  Once place in particular we enjoyed visiting was The Peach Tree Tea Room just off of Adam’s street.  It was a quaint little lunch spot and it ended up being my favorite place we ate during our stay there.  The one thing I loved most was their house tea and being an Oklahoma Food Photographer I just had to get the recipe so that I could make it on my own and share it with you!  It’s such a refreshing beverage, filled with notes of citrus.  Orange and lemon teas are the base of the drink.  At the tea room they add fresh lime to top it off.   The awesome thing was they weren’t stingy with sharing the recipe so I get to share the exact one with you.  It’s perfect for a warm Oklahoma day!  I hope you love it as much as I did!


3 Bags of Lipton Orange Tea

1 Bag of Bigelow Lemon Lift

1/2 Gallon Hot Water

Put all ingredients together and steep until done.  Pour it over ice and add a wedge of lime for a delicious citrus refreshment.  Enjoy!

Be on the lookout in the future for more recipes on the blog.  As a nutrition graduate from Oklahoma State University, I love sharing healthy recipes!



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