Hi, there!

I'm Lauren. I've been a small town Okie since the age of 3. I'm a daughter, a sister and more recently, a wife. My husband Logan makes my heart happy. I’m a dreamer & pursuer of my goals. I crave being around the people I love and I treasure longtime friendships. I’m a planner by nature; without my calendar I'm lost, but I find joy in spontaneity! Spring is my favorite season. I have a strong love for music and when you add in the chance to dance (two-stepping in particular) I am on cloud nine, just ask any of my college friends! I can’t resist a sweet iced tea and a quiet morning with a good book and prayer journal in hand; it's my sweet escape. My dream is to one day photograph a styled shoot on a beautiful ocean shore! I find beauty in simplicity. I believe prayer can can move mountains and faith placed in the Lord is everything!