Sep 28, 2018

September 2018 Favorites | Lauren’s Latest

Wow, September is basically gone already?!? I can’t believe how fast this month went.  I literally blinked and it was gone!  I’m in the thick of busy season with photography so that probably has something to do with it.

I haven’t had the time to blog much between this post and my August 2018 Favorites post so hopefully you won’t mind one of these again, being so close together.

First up on my list for September Favorites is the Blue Sapphire Decaf Black Tea from Teaoli.  I found this while having lunch at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond.  After the first sip, I just knew I had to take some home with me!  It has a rich flavor combination of coconut, strawberry, and kiwi!  It is basically a tropical vacation in your mouth!  Since it is a loose leaf tea, I like to add 1/4 cup of the tea mixture to my french press and let it steep in hot (not boiling) water for about 10 minutes.  I then add the steeped tea to a pitcher, fill up the rest of the pitcher with water and add some stevia to sweeten.  It is out of this world good!  If you like fruity teas and you haven’t tried this, you definitely need to soon!


September Favorites, Teaoli Black Sapphire Tea



The next thing I have been loving is my new 2019 Simplified Planner.  It’s never too early to plan, especially when your profession is photography and you often need to schedule sessions months in advance.  This is my second year to own a Simplified Planner.  I’ve tried many types of planners throughout the years but this one is my favorite!  I will never turn back.  I love how simple and clean the layout is.  The daily time breakdowns and to do lists are especially helpful for me.  The founder, Emily Ley, launches her simplified planners every September and you can bet I am one of her loyal customers that is online the same hour she launches them!  Some of the styles sell out the first day and she doesn’t restock them.  If you are in need of a new planner for next year I would run to her site to grab one.  They really are the best!  This year I chose the Pineapple Mint Daily.  Last year, I chose the weekly version.  The main difference is the amount of space given for your daily t0-do list.  I like the daily’s layout much more.  Since I’m not able to use the 2019 daily layout just yet, I’ve been using Emily Ley’s free printables to print out my to-do list for each day.  It’s amazing what writing down your schedule can do to keep you on track!

Simplified Planner, September 2018 Favorites



The third item on my September Favorites list is the Aerie Hometown Sweatshirt.  I came across this sweatshirt on the Like To Know It app.  I ordered 2 initially and loved them so much I just bought a third!  These sweatshirts are extremely oversized so if you order one I definitely recommend sizing down by one or even two sizes.  I purchased one in black, deep plum, and autumn orange (which they have already sold out of).  I can’t wait to wear these this fall and winter.  I’m a sucker for cozy sweatshirts!


Aerie Sweatshirt, September Favorites



Fourth on my list of September Favorites is Scully’s Natural Deodermint.  I have tried many natural-based deodorants and this one is the one I will continue to go back to.  For one, it actually works and lasts all day.   Secondly, it does not leave a white residue on your skin or on your clothes.  I only wish I had found this deodorant sooner!  The ingredients are as pure as they come and if you know me at all, you know that clean ingredients are pretty important to me.



My last item for September 2018 favorites is the AlienBee B400.  I talked about this lighting system in my last blog post but if you are a photographer that shoot indoors at all I can’t speak highly enough about it.  I have found that using a strobe versus a regular flash system has so many benefits.  For one it doesn’t take batteries, it plugs into a wall unit so it’s not going to eat through a million batteries.  Secondly, the light is just amazing and easy to adjust to your liking.  If you are a film shooter it makes shooting film indoors go from a somewhat difficult task to a piece of cake!  Seriously, for just a little over $200, it is a game changer!  Go try it!


AlienBee, September 2018 Favorites




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