May 4, 2017

There’s A New Cowboy In Town!

It’s hard to believe that just a little over a year and a half ago I began Lauren Grigg Photography and Amy & Ben were some of my very first clients to book me for a session!  I remember making my way out to their home to take some pictures of the two of them and being pretty nervous.  In my first few months of my business, I had butterflies before every single session! Still trying to gain confidence in myself and my abilities as a photographer, I’d always fall prey to the butterflies and I just hoped it wasn’t noticeable.  I don’t know if Amy & Ben noticed my nervousness that initial photoshoot or not but what I do know is that they booked me again a year later and that was the biggest compliment! I’m so thankful for client’s that become friends and that stick with you even as you continue to grow.   I’m not the only one who has grown in the past year, though.  Amy and Ben have grown their family by two little feet and cowboy, Anderson Pete, is due this June!  I’m so excited for the two of them and I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture their sweet excitement!







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