Jan 27, 2017

Friday Introduction


Hi There! It’s me, Lauren! Friday Introductions haven’t happened in awhile so I wanted to introduce myself to any new faces. Here are a few tidbits of info about myself:

1) I LOVE Christmas time! Outside of it being cold, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the lights, the gatherings, the movies (White Christmas and Home Alone being two of my favorites), the Christmas hymns at church and of course focusing on why we celebrate (Jesus Is The Reason). I just wish it continued all winter long.
2)  I’m double jointed in my fingers and my toes. I can bend them backward in weird ways and apparently it comes in handy… Just take a look at the way I’m holding my camera in this picture! And no, it doesn’t hurt even though it looks like it should!
3) I’ve always had a passion for creativity.  From the time I was 5 until now I’ve been involved in everything from dance, painting, scrapbooking & now photography! When I was little I used to color pictures and sell them to my neighbors for a quarter (young entrepreneur in the making)!
4)  My goal this year is to learn calligraphy or at least attempt to learn! I love how beautiful it looks! ✍????
5)  I just finished relaunching my new website, laurengrigg.com.  I haven’t officially announced it yet because I have a few tweaks I still want to make but if you took the time to read this whole intro I wanted you to be the first to know! Thank you!
Also, a big thanks to my friend Katie Lane for this picture! 🙂



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